I really wanted to do a day by day journal/blog type thing here but there were days when I didn’t have internet access and other days when I was just so damn tired that I really didn’t have the energy nor the willpower to care enough to really do this.

I can say this though. Being in Alaska was a very powerful and life changing experience. I have seen more wildlife here than I could have imagined. I have seen my younger sister who I love dearly grow and become the woman I have always wished she could become. I am so very proud of her accomplishments since she moved up here more than three years ago and I think when I get home in a few days I will just type up my experiences by a “best of,” type deal more so than a day by day blog style. So much has transpired over the past week and a half that I’m not really sure that I can put it into words and I’m almost positive that it’s going to be somewhat frustrating.

I’ll have a solid 11 hours on a plane to type up whatever though so I’ll have plenty of time to get what’s normally stuck in my head out into the world so maybe that should help. That being said, the time I’ve had to spend in the wilderness (literally and figuratively) has really helped me to decompress and has showed me the importance of being able to distance myself from the constant stressors I have to deal with at home and the toll that it’s taken on me over the past several years.

I never realized just how badly I needed to get away and how much I have changed. Not necessarily for the better even though I just didn’t see it.

Very much looking forward to sharing my experiences on here and not really looking forward to going home but I know I have a lot of responsibilities there, I need to start prepping for the GRE, I have one last semester at UCF before I graduate and it’s been a long time coming and I can’t quit now. Glad I could use this time to get centered and focused.

I suppose it’s time to get back to reality.

  • CB

p.s. Just a few pics for now and I’ll upload more as I get around to getting some edits done…I don’t know what the fox says even though he snuck right up on me and said hello.


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